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Let's face it! We live in a speeding society. Everything is moving so fast that we hardly ever get a chance to really do any serious introspection and work on our problems.


So it's no wonder that when subliminal messages came out, they became a massive hit as they provide the potential of quickly and easily - without any work at all - getting rid of many psychological problems that are burdening us and stopping us from living our life to the fullest.


Everybody jumped on the ship. Tons of different products started to emerge, everything from subliminal tapes for thousands of different problems to subliminal learning sessions...


Who wouldn't want to learn a new language in their sleep?


Even the music bands began layering subliminal messages in their music to get their message across. Everybody wanted to use this new technology.


But there was a problem... The technology simply didn't work.


Scientists all around the world were testing all those subliminal tapes and could never reproduce the success claimed by the advertisers and producers of such programs. In all controlled experiments, they could never produce any results beyond placebo.


And it got even worse... when they analyzed the tapes with audio software they found that most of them didn't even contain any other recordings than the background music itself. The messages simply weren't there. And even the tapes that did contain them didn't bare any fruit.


Our ears simply can't transmit "subliminal messages" to our brain. It's just like standing in a club with very loud music and trying to get the waiter over to your table by repeating: "Waiter, come to table 12" over and over in your regular speaking voice. Even if you'd be loud enough for him to hear you if the music was off, the message in a loud room would be lost before it could get to his brain.


So, for more than a decade, science abandoned subliminal messages as effective means of communication directly with the unconscious. They didn't notice they were overlooking a major channel through which it's actually possible to present messages to the brain without consciously noticing them...


It's our eyes! Our visual system processes enormous amounts of information every second, while we consciously perceive only a fraction of that information.


And video subliminal messages have been proven to work... but not the way everybody thinks. Flashing "Drink coca cola" on the screen simply won't make you drink Coca cola. You can watch such messages all day and they won't have any effect on you. It's a little bit more complicated than that.


Certain subliminal messages, however, have been found to work extremely well and consistently. These are the ones that we use in our subliminal videos here at . Our subliminal videos contain state-of-the-art technology that was scientifically proven to work. When you purchase any of our videos you'll also get a detailed instructional video where you'll also discover how subliminal messages work.


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