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Frequently Asked Questions  

Welcome to the frequently asked questions portion of our web site. If the answers below don't answer your question, please contact us via our contact form.


1.) How do I get the download?

2.) How do I play the download on my computer?

3.) What do the downloads contain?

4.) What are subliminal messages?

5.) Do subliminal messages really work?

6.) Is subliminal stimulation safe?


How do I get the download?



Simply click on the "Add to SHOPPING CART" button at the bottom of every product's page. Your product will be added to the cart and you'll have a chance to edit the contents of your cart, continue shopping, or to proceed to checkout. When you're ready to purchase the product(s), simply click on the "Proceed to CHECKOUT" button.


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How do I play the download on my computer?



When you purchase the download(s) for the first time, you'll create an account, where you'll have access to all your downloads. You'll be able to watch them directly from your online account (Flash player is required but 99% of computers already have it installed). You'll also be able to download the videos in an .AVI format and you'll be able to watch them in your favorite media player (Windows media player, BS player, VLC player...).


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What do the downloads contain?



The downloads include an instructional video on how subliminal messages work and exactly how to watch the videos, what to pay special attention to, state of mind to be in, how many times to watch them  and so on. A summary of this video will also be included in a written format (.pdf) in a "Quick reference guide". 


The main product is a video containing subliminal messages and images that stimulate certain parts of the brain and slowly install new ideas and connections between concepts and emotions. They will also make you more likely to act in a certain, beneficial, way immediately after watching them.


As a bonus, you'll also receive a shorter subliminal booster video (.M4V format) ready to be uploaded to your iPod, iPhone, PSP or other device capable of presenting such videos so that you can watch it anywhere at any time you wish.


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What are subliminal messages?



Subliminal messages are words, short strings of text or images that are flashed on the screen for very short periods of time, typically 5-20 milliseconds. They get noticed by the preconscious processing faculties but are not consciously perceived.


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Do subliminal messages really work?



Unlike audio subliminal messaging, video subliminal messages have been repeatedly shown to work under certain conditions. As a matter of fact, some of the subliminal research has shown extremely interesting and disturbing results...


For example, when people were presented with "death primes" (subliminal messages containing words related to death) for a few minutes, they were shown to be in a much more aggressive, patriotic and racist state than before stimulation and against the control group!


Another example was when two groups were subliminally presented either pleasant (Disney cartoon characters, smiling faces...) or unpleasant (sharks, bombs...) stimuli just before showing a neutral picture of a person. Those who were subliminally presented pleasant stimuli rated the subsequently presented person as positive and those who were presented unpleasant stimuli rated the person as negative.


In recent years, there was quite a large body of research done on subliminal stimulation and the results are literally mouthwatering. You'll see more examples of research that was done and exactly how subliminal messages work in the instructional video included with your purchase of any of our subliminal videos.


Our subliminal videos are based on carefully chosen research papers published in scientific psychology journals and closely follow protocols used in those experiments. They are designed to bring results and bring them FAST. 


You are, of course, backed up by our 100% No-risk 60 days money back guarantee so that you can easily make your purchase, try it and see if it works for you. In an event that you're not completely satisfied, we will refund you in full.


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Is subliminal stimulation safe?



Yes, subliminal stimulation is generally safe. If you have a history of epileptic seizures, please consult your physician before watching the videos as they contain flashing pictures and words on screen.


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