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Dear friend,


Have you ever wondered why some people get into drugs while others don't?


Why some become alcoholics and others, by no means teetotalers, don't?


It's an escape, addiction is. Escape from extremely low self-esteem.


These sad people can't stand not respecting themselves. They, poor souls, neither understand nor value their own uniqueness. All they see is their own faults, their own pain and guilt.


Of course, not everyone with a poor sense of self-esteem turn to drugs or alcohol

Many more turn to a more socially-acceptable form of escape... overeating.


Whatever your means of escape, the root problem is the same: low self-esteem.


Maybe you feel the same sense of failure, of not quite measuring up as well as expected?




Maybe you're just the opposite, too full of yourself as my mother would say. You think you do everything better than anyone else! You seldom acknowledge your mistakes - and when you do, they're never treated as seriously as another person's mess-ups. Blame-game in effect here!


And of course you're entitled to the best available. Because obviously you're worth it and you're convinced everyone around you recognizes your value, don't they? Don't they?

It's just overcompensation for a bad self esteem!


Recognize And Respect Your Gifts


You are unique with your own innate set of talents and gifts.


Everyone else likewise is unique in their own individual areas, every-bit as deserving of the same level of respect as you. No more - and no less!


What if I told you there is a break-through technique guaranteed to bring your self-esteem to a higher, more realistic level? No more cringing at new things! No more pompous jerk that no one likes!

Unlikely? NOT!!

Introducing: Self esteem booster subliminal entrainment video

Self esteem subliminal video


New: boost your self esteem to a much higher level simply by watching this video. Instant download.


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Our scientifically proven subliminal video very quickly (within minutes!) boosts your self esteem to a much higher level. The exact method used in this video was tested in a university study and was proven to significantly enhance a person's implicit self esteem, which is the result of the unconscious, automatic self-evaluative process. It reflects unconscious associations with the self.

This means that our video installs positive changes on a deeper, unconscious level that's normally very hard to access!

And today there's a scientific consensus that automatic or unconscious processes play a major role in almost all social psychological processes!

Studies have shown that high self esteem benefits people in important ways:

  • high self esteem is a buffer against stress and experiences of failure
  • it promotes happiness and mental health in general
  • high self esteem helps deal with existential threats
  • high self esteem is a sign of social acceptance and liking and therefore such people get socially accepted and liked much faster than low self esteem people

In general, a moderate or high level of self esteem seems to be a prerequisite for healthy human functioning.

So, take advantage of this brand new scientific research and state-of-the-art technology to bring more joy, happiness and health to your life today.

The more you wait, the more you allow stress and other negative experiences affect your body physically!

Get the video now, it only takes a few minutes to start ripping all the benefits!

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