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It's called the "I don't feel like doing it" syndrome. Right, we all get it sometimes.


Some people just call it "Excuses".


Mow the grass? It's too hot. Clear the garage? But the trash pickup isn't for 3 more days. Walk the dog? Dig the garden? Mop the kitchen floor? Do the laundry? Umm, maybe tomorrow.


Well, later at least. I don't feel like it now.


What about those really important things that MUST be done now... like studying for the exam in a few days or beginning to work on your project? Well, I'll do it later, I still have some time to "relax".


Once that I-Don't-Feel-Like-It bug enters your head, your motivation, that git'er-done feeling, evaporates fast.


You find more and more often that less and less work gets done.


That sink full of dishes? They can wait - they're not quite grey and fuzzy and growling at you, yet.


But why can some people easily get so much done and others just can't even get themselves to mail a post card?


It's all in the mindset and preparation!


It's the ability to delay instant gratification in lieu of grater satisfaction in the near future. In the end feelings and emotions guide our actions...


...BUT what if our emotional brain is wired to want pleasure NOW! And what if our emotional brain speaks a completely different language?


It's one thing to drive 200 miles every weekend to see your girlfriend or boyfriend BUT it's a completely different thing to take the time to study hard for an exam so you can be a doctor in ten years


Should I go out with friends or study... every student knows it's a no-brainer... "I want to feel good, I'll make up for lost time later..."


And only a few actually stay home and study!


Instant gratification - the world's greatest motivation killer.


But what if you could somehow program your brain to realize that your goal is a path to instant gratification?


Then suddenly things would change. You'd get to your goal seemingly effortlessly. Everybody would admire your persistence and discipline. But to you it would only seem like that two and a half hour drive to your lover...


Having trouble getting things done?


Here's how you can discover a wonderful technique, developed by scientists, that can get you up and at'em once again:


Our "Motivation booster" subliminal video is designed to help you give your goal an emotionally charged meaning and to get you into a state where you find it almost irresistible to start working on it... NOW.


So, if you want to join a handful of the most successful people that actually get things done, then get your motivation booster subliminal video now and wave your "I'll do it later" days good bye!

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