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Successful day starter
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Are you a natural-born night owl?


If so, then you know the torment of having to rise before ten - okay, before seven! - to go to work. Groggy, sluggish, your brain full of cobwebs and random fantasies...


You learn to hate that confounded alarm clock! Day after day, blasting you out of warm sleepy dreams, jolting your body into instant high-gear with adrenaline gushing wildly through your body.


Good thing you're not a cat - you'd be waking up with your claws digging frantically into the ceiling, your fur sticking out and back arched for attack!


So your first conscious thought every morning is, "D**n that alarm clock!"


Not a nice way to start your day.


In fact, the way you start your day is most probably how your day will turn out to be.


It's called the attraction principle (it's a psychological term not to be confused with "the law of attraction"!).


Whatever you expect to happen most probably will


  • If you expect to fail the exam, you most probably will
  • If you expect your child to misbehave, he or she most probably will
  • If you expect your employees to slack and do nothing, they most probably will do just that
  • If you expect your day to be miserable, it most probably will be




  • If you expect to pass the exam, you most probably will. If you expect to pass it with flying colors, you'll at least be better than average if not the best in your class
  • If you expect your child to behave well, he or she most probably will
  • If you expect your employees to focus on their work 100% and to work to their best abilities, you probably have a very successful company
  • If you expect your day to be wonderful, productive and successful, you're setting yourself to have just that today...


Did something like this ever happen to you?


Of course it did. It happens to all of us every day.


Wouldn't it be great if there was some kind of non-invasive, non-chemical, totally-effective trick to help you get your day off to a pleasant, productive start?


You could effectively accomplish what needs to be done right from the start. No more "Huh? Wha'd ya say?" zombie responses for you!


Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it. But hey - it IS true!


Our "Successful day starter" subliminal video will gently install a positive attitude and an expectation of success deep in the automatic/reactive part of your mind so that you'll be able to start each day on the upward spiral.


Get this video now and begin living each day to the fullest.

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