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"It's not your fault."


Try telling that to a child whose parents are divorcing. From the young one's point of view, he's convinced he did something terrible, so horrible that it made Daddy or Mommy go away.


The Blame Game pretty much always does harm. And it never does good. If something goes wrong - say you don't fasten the gate tightly enough so the dog gets out. Then a truck runs over your beloved pet - the last thing you need is someone to heap more blame onto your already-grieving shoulders.


What is vital for every potential "my fault" scenario is to first recognize that you didn't mean for the problem to happen; next to learn what you need to do to prevent it from happening again; and finally, do what needs to be done to make things as right as possible.


It's a safe assumption that in no way did anyone intend to deliberately do harm. Often, as with an innocent child, the person only wanted to help.


Blame prevents you from recognizing and respecting yourself for the human being you are



Know that in the very depths of your soul you are blessed with your own unique set of talents.


What if I told you there is a breakthrough method guaranteed to stop that useless, destructive self-blaming dead in its tracks?


No more fear of failure. No more "what-if-I-can't, I'm such a loser" sense that sucks the adventure out of your life.


Believe it - there is such a breakthrough!


Safe, gentle, drug-free, and it works like a charm.


Our "Stop blaming yourself" subliminal video helps you resolve the self-blaming issues on a deeper, automatic level of your mind that's normally very difficult to access. But that's where these tricky processes take place, not allowing you to move on and to live the life you deserve.


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