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Stand up for yourself  
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Stand up for yourself
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When friends take too much advantage of your kind nature, where do you draw the line?


How much is too much, before you go absolutely ballistic?


In other words if you don't respect yourself and set your own carved-in-stone limits, it's for sure no one else will!


  • They'll walk all over you, these so-called friends, by doing things like
  • calling you at all hours to do what they want you to;
  • borrowing money and, despite heartfelt promises, never paying you back;
  • taking you out for a nice dinner then finding an excuse to stick you with the bill;
  • saying mean things, even lying about you;
  • acting like you don't exist, unless they want something from you - then they're suddenly your best friend.


And so on.


Know something? You deserve way better than that!


Engrave this on your brain - deep and strong:


"As I Do Unto Others, So Should They Do Unto Me"


So ditch those phony friends. Tell them the gravy train stops today, here, now... bodda-bing, bodda-bang!


Take back control of your own world. Our scientifically-developed technique helps you do just that, fast and easy!


And it's non-invasive and non-addictive because it activates powers and strengths that already lie dormant within your mind.


Now you can regain the balance you deserve in your life.


No more doormat-mode. No more cash-machine give-aways. No more use-me-then-kick-me allowed here!


Presenting: Stand up for yourself subliminal video


Our brand new "Stand up for yourself" subliminal video is designed to gently install a more assertive attitude in your unconscious so that when the right moment comes you'll be able to stand up for yourself.


Simply watch this short video and a new, healthier attitude will slowly be integrated in your unconscious processes.


Finally you can say goodbye to those "Why did I agree to this?!" moments. It's time to take control of your life...


Studies continuously show that people who are assertive and in control of their life:


  • experience little to no anxiety;
  • have less stress;
  • achieve at far greater levels than people that let circumstances lead their life;
  • have better friends and more loving spouses;
  • are generally happier


So, are you ready to sacrifice health, happiness and prosperity of you and your loved ones for the sake of other people that on top of everything don't even respect you or what you do for them?


I thought so.


You already intuitively know who those people are. Now it's time to set them straight or cut them loose!


And this innovative subliminal video WILL help you do just that. Get it now and grab control of your life and circumstances once and for all.

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