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How To Quickly Get Rid Of Fear Of Competition From Coworkers And Friends  
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When you and your colleagues function as a team, supporting each other's efforts... everyone shines.


But when individuals start trying to out-do everyone else, to become "The Best", you suddenly find yourself frightened.


Intense competition can be cruel. See who's better than who.


  • Who's the best worker?
  • Who's the fastest runner?
  • Who earns the best grades?
  • Who has the snazziest car?
  • and so on.


Low-level, competition can be a good thing, egging you on to improve yourself. A little vying, testing, striving can be a great kick-in-the-pants performance-boost.


But when competition escalates, spinning out of control, things get nasty fast. Backstabbing, betrayals, lying - rivalry runs rampant.


No wonder some of us are afraid of full-blown competition.


But low-level competitiveness? This occurs pretty much every day. You do need to cope effectively with this.




So glad you asked! Here's a scientifically-developed technique that helps you cope with the stress of ordinary low-level competition.


Presenting: Eliminate Fear Of Competition Subliminal Video


By simply watching this four-minute video a few times a day for a couple of weeks, you'll gently reprogram your current beliefs and patterns of behavior related to competitiveness that are right now putting your under a lot of stress.


When you get rid of the fear of competition, you'll


  • be able to always give your 100%
  • experience less or no anxiety and stress at all
  • enjoy much more respect
  • love to go to work
  • have much better relationships with your coworkers and friends
  • easily face your boss
  • focus on more important things, like how you can be or remain the best
  • and much more...


Fearing your competition automatically puts you in a bad, defensive position, making you unconsciously subordinate to others


And they can feel it, too. And they WILL unconsciously take advantage of it! Nothing personal. We're just built that way.


As soon as someone gets the feeling of power over someone, even more so on the unconscious/reactive level, the reaction is to immediately take advantage of it and subtly assume the leader position, getting even more motivation and courage to stay there and to bash the other person even further down.


The opposite happens to the other person. Once in a subordinate position, one will feel more and more fear, becoming more and more paralyzed. Motivation immediately shifts from "taking charge and keeping at least at equal level with the others" to "not falling even deeper and keeping the current, subordinate level where it is". The latter takes much more energy and puts a person under tremendous stress, which in turn gives even more edge to others!


Once you enter such a cycle, it's hard to get out and eventually it inevitably comes to a situation where radical and dramatic action is required to set things straight again. And most people just aren't capable of that. In most cases, they just quietly accept the situation and continue to be unhappy for the rest of their lives.


But it doesn't have to be like that at all!


In fact, you can now very easily turn everything to your favour. You can get the edge you need to get and stay on the top. It's just a simple attitude adjustment.


Get the video and start eliminating your fear of competition now.

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