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Become persistent  
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Become persistent
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"If you don't quit, you can't fail." -- Peter Bowerman


This is true of practically anything you set your mind on.


Another way to say it is, "Where there's a will, there's a way."


One obvious example of it is that mankind has wanted to fly for centuries. After sometimes-amusing attempts and painful failures, we can fly. No, it's not graceful like birds - but we surely do get it done!


On a smaller scale, if you set yourself a goal, you will find yourself attaining it...


Sure, you might find yourself altering course. Fine-tuning your goals is certainly allowed. That's called self-discovery.


My friend's brother, for example, at the age of 3 decided he wanted to be a bird-house when he grew up. (You laugh - but it's true!) He turned 6 and decided to become an alligator instead. In college he majored in Art and Art History. His career since graduation has been as a very successful Procurement Specialist for several major companies.


Obviously your own goals will be, ummm, a wee bit more realistic than this rather confused person. But he is certainly an example of someone who fine-tuned his goals in response to reality. (Okay, maybe revised his goals would be a better way to phrase it.)


The real trick is to always keep moving ahead!


Big or little steps, keep pushing towards your ultimate goal. And don't hesitate to make any adjustments necessary along the way - just keep moving forward.


So what about those of us who need, ummm, a little reinforcing in the determination category? Why can't we just sort of "go with the flow" and drift gently, aimlessly down the River of Life?


Do you have dreams? Tasks you want to complete? Then "go with the flow" is not an option. Just to sort of hang out, kind of day-dreaming your life away, pestering no one, needed by no one, loved by no one - what a nothing sort of life that is. Sad, really... Wasted talents.


If you want more from your time on Earth... when you need, ummm, a gentle boot-in-the-rear reminder to keep going, here's a wonderfully useful technique, developed especially for this occasion, you should know about...


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