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If Your Friends Have One - Do You Need It, Too


It's called "Keeping Up With the Jones's" - and it really makes no sense. Deep down you know this, but...


And if you have only a few limited sources of income, then you know how destructively expensive peer pressure can get.


If Your Friends Do It - Do You Have To, Too?


There's another even more dangerous kind of peer pressure - called "Everybody Is Doing It". This kind can really destroy your own ultimate uniqueness, inner beauty and wonder


Shoplift? Smoke cigarettes? Swipe a beer? Steal a car? Skip classes? Forge a check? Cheat on your taxes? Why not - everyone else is doing it, right? No harm done, right?


Here's a story my girlfriend told me: "I once knew a boy who spent his teenage summers hanging out with his friends by a wooded stream... and they all considered every girl who came there as "fair game for rape" -- his very words! Talk about giving in to peer pressure! (His youthful crimes came back to haunt him when he confided this to his fiancé and she promptly dumped him - told him to go marry his dog instead.)"


Sure. Tell me there's no harm in doing whatever your friends do. These raped girls'd call you liar to your face!


For many of us, the need to belong to a group is overpowering. Centuries ago, it meant survival. Loners died, simple as that. But not so, in these modern times


How can you fight peer pressure? How can you be brave enough to dare buck what your "group" or "friends" say you should do or buy?


Well it doesn't have to be like that. Not at all.


Here's a secret technique that makes it fast and easy to resist the "peer pressure" force of nature


Non-invasive, non-addicting, safely and effectively.


And it taps into powers you already possess - they just need to be "turned-on" as they say.


Our "Fight peer pressure" subliminal video gently installs a new way in which you see yourself so that, if you choose so, you can easily oppose bad suggestions made by your peers and feel great about it.


You can now easily keep your uniqueness and be the person YOU want to be and not someone others desire you to be!


Get started now and never again make bad choices just because "Others are making them too".

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