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Statistics Prove that Drivers Who Speed Cause Accidents.


Speeding cars are the number one cause of road accidents, whether directly or indirectly. And their dangerous actions contribute to road-rage.


Just imagine... You're in a hurry, running late as usual. Get to work! Hurry - gotta get the kids from the sitter before you have to pay overtime! Get home, feed the kids fast! Now move it and get the kids to their music lessons on time! Pick up the kids and get them fed! Pick up that extra six-pack of beer! Go get the dry cleaning for tomorrow at work!


Stuck behind a slow-poke? Tail-gate the bone-head! Won't move it? Speed up to pass, no matter what's coming!


Speed-limit? Add 10 - that's what everyone else does. Heck, nobody does the speed-limit any more. Too dangerous!


Yellow light? Stomp on that accelerator and whiz on through before it turns red!


Car wants to move over in front of you? No way! Not before all-powerful Me - I won't allow it. Dang, he did it anyway - anger! Rage! Curse, swear, speed up and tailgate the clown!


Can't be late - have to hurry, hurry!


Yep, we sure do love to put the pedal to the metal.


Trouble is, the more we speed, the greater the danger of an accident, serious injury - even death.


Not to mention those confounded tickets. Seems like cops take a dim view of "hurry". How unreasonable - they must expect you to plan ahead and leave early. As if anyone does "early" these days!!


Finally, after... how many tickets? And how many points? Your license suspended for how long? - you admit your "need for speed" must stop.


But how? Remedial driving classes? What a pain!


Well here is a way, a technique that you can start using today that slows you down naturally. A technique that works with your own good sense and inner powers that you already possess but just need to be activated.


Our "Stop speeding" subliminal video gently installs a new attitude so that you'll find yourself driving much safer automatically.


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