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Become satisfied with your body
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Have you ever wished you could trade your own body for that of someone else?


Someone smarter, maybe? Or prettier? Or more talented than you see yourself as being?


What do you do when someone sneaks on you with a camera and takes your picture or worse... starts filming you?


Because of my hostile reactions, I don't have even one good video of my late childhood and early adolescence.


Since very early I remember hating to be photographed. I thought I was ugly and fat.


I knew what I saw! No one could convince me otherwise. Not even the girls that told me I was cute and wanted to go out with me! I just blew them off...


But then I noticed something very interesting...


As years went by, I came across some old photos of mine and guess what?


I was really good looking in those photos!


"Oh why can't I look like that now?! Why must I now be ugly and fat?", I thought to myself. To top it all off, I was also starting to bald!


But as more years went by, I came across some photos from this later time...


And again, I thought I was really good looking in those photos and thought to myself "Why can't I look like that NOW?"


So it went a couple of more times...


Every few years I'd look at my photos from a few years back and noticed how good I had really looked back then and wished I still looked like that.


And so it hit me...


Turns out that what we believe and expect to be true ultimately defines our reality and makes those expectations seem completely real to us!


It's kind of like when you buy a new car... before, to your knowledge,  nobody had that same model but now it seems like every third person in your town owns one.


So I took it upon myself to change my beliefs about myself and embarked on a long journey of self improvement.


I was doing self-hypnosis, visualizations, affirmations and some other techniques to change my deeply rooted beliefs about myself. And it worked...


But nothing could have prepared me for what I found next


As I was doing research for subliminal videos available on this web site, I found some staggering research papers detailing very successful studies done that dealt with influencing the perception of self with subliminal stimulation.


I had to test it, so I created a video using the same protocol they were using in the studies...


I watched the video several times a day and although I did think I felt something changing within me, nothing too spectacular has happened at first...


I did, however notice people reacting to me differently. I noticed the girls looking at me in a certain way I wasn't used to before and I was even actually getting approached by them...


But then came the kicker... After about two weeks of watching the video, I went to my friend's birthday party, where we had a great time and I didn't even realize another friend was constantly taking photos and filming short videos with her digital camera.


After a few days I was invited back to see the photos. When we started to watch them, I was, like always, a little bit nervous before viewing each next photo because I might be on it... but every time I actually was on the photo, I didn't have my usual "yuck!" reaction to it...


Quite the opposite... more times than not, I really liked how I looked in the photos!


I noticed I was holding myself differently... and I even really liked myself in the videos, something that NEVER happened before in my life.


I suddenly realized that since I started watching the subliminal video, when I look in the mirror, I find all the positive features of my looks and think to myself: "What else can I do to even improve my figure," instead of loathing myself and pointing out all the negative sides of me!


And other people noticed this positive change, too.


I was ecstatic about this discovery and still am to this day.


You might not know it right now... or believe it... but you're much prettier, smarter and much more talented than you ever thought possible!


You just have a slight problem seeing it. A temporary "blind spot" if you will...


And here's where we can and wish to help you...


Studies have shown that people with a positive view of themselves:


  • experience much less stress and anxiety
  • are more resistant to failure and are able to persist longer, thus achieving a lot more than other people
  • take better care of themselves
  • are happier and show better mental health

And our "Become satisfied with your body" subliminal video is designed to help you instill in your mind a positive view of yourself and your body.


You're just moments away from beginning a journey of your life. There's no wishful thinking, no voodoo and no magic involved...


Just advanced psychological science that brought us simple yet very effective solutions that bring you results you deserve.


All you have to do is to get this video now and begin the process of unlocking your unlimited potential.


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