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You've heard the old saying - "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right"?


But I must confess... for me, doing anything right means doing it absolutely perfect.


Good enough simply doesn't cut it. Any glitch or flaw in what I produce literally drives me crazy.


This drive for perfection has grown worse over time. These days, I'm never satisfied, so I end up angry, frustrated and ultimately, getting almost nothing accomplished.


Does that make me a nut-case?


Also, nobody else wants to work with me. I can't really blame them; I wouldn't want to work with me, either! Everyone says I'm wayyy too demanding. So I do things on my own.


Heck, even in school I drove people crazy. An A wasn't good enough - had to be an A+ with perfect penmanship thrown in. Otherwise I spent the next week studying like a fiend far into the night and practicing my handwriting at the same time. Thank goodness for laptops these days!


Yes, I'm sure I must be going nuts. Something's surely wrong, I thought.


But later I found that in reality, it's just a slightly flawed way of thinking and it usually has to do with fear...



It's a simple fear of disapproval from people around us, let it be our friends, coworkers and so on.



And this fear is unfounded in 99.9% of cases! But why is it still here?!



It's something we learned through life and it became a default way we currently operate. And there's nothing wrong with it until one day we wake up and realize that we achieved very little or even none of the goals that we set for our self...



 Perfectionism can dramatically interfere with achieving your goals and can severely reduce the quality of life!



It was the realization that almost everything important that I set myself to do never got finished. I had about seven active projects I was working on but no results. Most people would have launched their "products" a long time ago and ripped the benefits... but not me... I would only think of reasons why people wouldn't like them yet.



 It's been clinically shown that perfectionism can lead to: 


  • heightened stress;
  • burnout;
  • anxiety;
  • and even depression.



Not to mention in many cases not doing and getting what you really want in life!


Fortunately there's a simple yet very effective solution to stop perfectionism in it's tracks once and for all. 



Announcing... Stop being a perfectionist subliminal video



I know that you're, like me, afraid and probably thinking one or more of the following things...


  • "I will be judged negatively if it's not perfect"
  • "I will loose control of my life if I don't keep things in perfect order"
  • "I couldn't cope with any level of disorder"
  • "If I don't maintain high levels of order I might slip down into disorder and not care any more"

I did too.


But after I couldn't take it any more, I had to fix it. Step by little step. And it was liberating and on top of all, none of the things from the bullets above became true!





On the contrary, what happened was: 


  • people loved my projects and were very happy that I released them and didn't wait even longer to make them "perfect"!
  • I gained control over my life because now I wasn't a slave to some illusion of unrealistically high expectations any more
  • I still like to keep things fairly ordered but not obsessing over it makes me a much more pleasant company and it shows unbelievably positively in my relationships. And I cope with a great level of disorder for shorter periods of time perfectly well, it turns out
  • and I found that nothing is irreversible. When things go too far, I simply correct them and everything is fine again. No more worries.



And it can be very easy to "flip that switch" inside your mind to turn off that part that's literally keeping you a slave right now. It's thinking it's helping you out, but it isn't. It's using your own emotions to keep you in check...


 Enough is enough!


Our "Stop being a perfectionist" subliminal video will, through very specific stimulation, gently establish new, more positive neural connections so that you'll gradually gain more and more control over your reactions and have much less of those uncontrollable urges that tell you what to do.




So, go for the video now and start living the life you, deep inside, always wanted.

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